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You can be confident choosing Poolshop to rejuvenate your pool. 




Over time a swimming pool may require; restoration, redecoration, refurbishment, revamping, makeover, reconditioning, rehabilitation, overhauling, repair, redevelopment, rebuilding, reconstruction, upgrading, improvement, refitting, facelift, refurb, remodeling or overhaul due to stains, mechanical breakdown, chipping, cracking, peeling or etching. This may result from weather, physical damages and use of chemicals or neglect.


If you’re considering repairing or remodeling your existing swimming pool, you’ve come to the right place. We are Kenya’s top pool refurbishment experts located in Nairobi.


We can recommend the best option to your needs whether to Repair, Renovate, Remodel, Refinish, Resurface or over-haul your swimming pool.


In a short time, we can breathe life into an old, tired, weathered and run-down swimming pool with a modern looking vibrant face that will feel like a brand-new.


Restoration; with an innovative approach Poolshop will restore your existing pool and bring it back to life. 






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