Jacuzzi Construction


A Poolshop Jacuzzi makes a wonderful addition to an swimming pool area, transforming it into your own private relaxation sanctuary. After an energetic swim, relaxing in a spa pool while invigorating hydrotherapy massage jets soothe tired muscles is the ultimate luxury.

The healing effects of the massage jets can also be enhanced by combining them with fragrant aromatherapy oils, or chromatherapy which uses coloured light to calm or energise. Achieve the perfect complement to your swimming pool area, with our expert designers and a wide range of options and styling available, including:

    • - Stand alone or integrated with your pool

    • - Shaping and sizing

    • - Tiling and finish

    • - Jacuzzi Jets and controls

    • - Jacuzzi Lighting

    • - Jacuzzi Seating

Poolshop, as an established experts in pool and spa design and construction, will be pleased to design and install a spa pool that reflects your needs and works in harmony with an existing swimming pool.





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