Water Features



Water Fountains


We are leading water fountain specialists having knowledge and experience in providing the most diverse water fountain design. We create bespoke water fountains using stone, concrete, steel, glass and any other suitable material.


Poolshop has been working with Home Owners, Architects, Developers, Garden Designers, Engineers, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Quantity Surveyors, Project Manager, Civil Engineers, Project Consultant, Estate Surveyor, Builders and Construction Companies to deliver the best water fountains in Kenya.


We offer water fountain design, installation and maintenance services for all types of commercial and residential water features and fountains.


With Poolshop working on your project you can rest assured to get the best out of your project. We never compromise on quality.


Wet Playgrounds


Poolshop designs and constructs aquatic recreational playgrounds that encourage kids to experience water in unique ways.